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How it works

Bunch is a simple web dashboard that integrates with your teams’ calendars.

With Bunch, teams can:

  1. Set rules that automatically manage calendars for you
  2. Give your team feedback on your meetings to make them better
  3. View analytics to improve how you spend your time

Too many meetings and not enough time to get actual work done? Set a simple ratio for your work week.

Time spent
in meetings40%

Time that’s
free for work60%

Your Week

Are your meetings too crowded and unproductive? Bunch lets you set a maximum number of attendees.

When does a meeting become a crowd for you?


Do your meetings drag on with no results? Set a maximum duration for your meetings.


When a rule is broken, your team determines the response:

Notify you?

Auto-send RSVP?

Bunch also lets you rate any meeting you’ve attended.

Were you energized by this meeting?

Meeting creators can see what the team thought about their meeting.

Bunch analyzes your calendar and compares your week to other users.

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